Nomadic IFR Combat Suit

Article No. : NMDIFRCOV22001

Product Code : Aramid 450

Inherent Flame Retardant

Designed for Defence Forces, comfortable, light weight and durable uniforms suitable for tactical operations. Made from NFPA compliant non-melting aramid fabric and built to military specifications for combat soldiers.


Meta Aramid, Para Aramid and Antistatic

Garment Specifications

  • The Combat Uniform is ergonomically designed, made of rugged, Inherently flame retardant material, resistant to shrinking and fading. .
  • Contemporary fold down collar for a neat, professional appearance. .
  • Zippered with hook & loop front closure for a smooth uniform appearance.
  • Longer loop faced shoulder pockets for patches and skill tabs with front zipper closure and glint tape above pocket.
  • Button cuff closure with 3-button hole positions for convenient adjustment.
  • Trousers are designed for excellent manoeuvrability. Built for comfort and ease of functionality.
  • Reinforced seat and knees for rugged usage specially while running and bending movements.
  • Customization possible.

Standard Compliances

olive green
Navy blue

Laundry Instructions

Customization available
Colors and sizes vary by location and are subject to change. Please contact Our representative.

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Nomadic IFR Combat Suit

Nomadic IFR Combat Suit

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