Nomadic IFR Combat Suit

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Article No. : NMDIFRCOV22001

Product Code : Aramid 450

Inherent Flame Retardant

Designed for Defence Forces, comfortable, light weight and durable uniforms suitable for tactical operations. Made from NFPA compliant non-melting aramid fabric and built to military specifications for combat soldiers.


Meta Aramid, Para Aramid and Antistatic

Garment Specifications

  • The Combat Uniform is ergonomically designed, made of rugged, Inherently flame retardant material, resistant to shrinking and fading. .
  • Contemporary fold down collar for a neat, professional appearance. .
  • Zippered with hook & loop front closure for a smooth uniform appearance.
  • Longer loop faced shoulder pockets for patches and skill tabs with front zipper closure and glint tape above pocket.
  • Button cuff closure with 3-button hole positions for convenient adjustment.
  • Trousers are designed for excellent manoeuvrability. Built for comfort and ease of functionality.
  • Reinforced seat and knees for rugged usage specially while running and bending movements.
  • Customization possible.

Standard Compliances

olive green
Navy blue

Laundry Instructions

Customization available
Colors and sizes vary by location and are subject to change. Please contact Our representative.

Nomadic IFR Combat Suit

Nomadic IFR Combat Suit

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